Bijon Frise Are These.

Hey somebody is here. Maybe we should stare at them.

What sincere faces. You can tell that these little guys are just longing to say something out loud in English. I wonder what it is. I bet they want me to come out and play.

YAHOO! He came out to play!

Man, am I happy. And cute too!

So, how many dogs are in this picture anyway?

Check out this Squidoo lense on Smiling Bijon Frise. Smiling Bijone Frise

Big Beautiful Alaskan Husky

This big beautiful Alaskan Husky greeted me when I pulled in the driveway. He looks like he means business and he does.

You see, he's in the business of keeping everybody on the up and up. No shenanigans will be tolerated here. Good dog.

I could sit here and watch you all day mister.

Well maybe I could sit here and watch you for a really long time anyway.

Your working me to death mister. I'm laying down.

Your work zone is secure. Carry on.

Thanks for fixing our sink. You can show yourself out.